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London Design Museum residency 2019!

Today designers are engaged in shaping life at every scale, from the micro to the macro. At one end of the spectrum, they use gene editing software and synthetic biology to develop biological parts and systems. At the other end, designers also collaborate with scientists and engineers to address planetary scale problems, such as designing for the Anthropocene – or, indeed, inter-planetary ones, such as space travel.


Feature in Living Corriere.It for Dutch Design Week 2018, top picks.

“And while Robert Charles Johnson's scenographic and paradoxical machine Of-labor System questions the obsession with Millennials for fitness”


Design Academy Masters award, 2018. Design Academy Eindhoven

Thrilled to receive the Master Workshop Maker award for 2018!

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Droog announces Masters exhibition in September 2018, Amsterdam

I recently got picked to exhibit 'Of-labour Systems' at Droog in Amsterdam this September.

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Dutch Design Week with Design Academy Eindhoven 

Through the week of the 20th untill the 28th, i will be exhibiting my work at the Masters graduation show with Design Academy Eindhoven. New location (first time in 20 years) is at the Campina factory, Eindhoven; a disused milk production facility.