Power Of Rhetoric


In collaboration with Balton Lab and Dutch Design Week, 2017. A talk and workshop was given to open a conversation in the powers of speech, from political oration conceived for convincing to how we understand a powerful speaker and what steps can we take to train ourselves to speak out. Can design play a role in this daily conversation we are dictated by. 


Throughout most creative institutions the narration and oration of one’s work is often far too distant to the embodied personal aspect of the project. Core meanings can be lost in translation due to the onslaught of nerves breaking in and poor communication. What tools would enable us to train the power of communication to better our storytelling skill set and to reveal our ideas the way they are intended to be revealed? During this workshop, unorthodox mechanisms and tools will be discussed that can help to better our rhetoric and improve our skills of storytelling. This workshop forces you to step out!